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How to breed PALS? Secrets for PALWORLD Domination!

Dive into the enchanting world of Pal breeding, where strategic brilliance meets genetic wonders. Uncover the secrets of crafting the perfect Pal team, and embark on thrilling dungeon delves that promise both challenges and treasures. It’s a journey into the heart of Palworld’s gameplay, where your choices shape the destiny of your creatures and pave the way for epic adventures.

Welcome back, intrepid Palworld enthusiasts! As we venture deeper into the wild realms of this gaming sensation, it’s time to explore the intricate art of Pal breeding and the exhilarating joys of dungeon delving. Pal Breeding Brilliance and Dungeon Delving Delights await, promising a riveting journey filled with genetic strategies, adorable companions, and the thrill of uncovering hidden treasures in the mysterious dungeons scattered across Palapagos Islands. So, buckle up, fellow gamers, as we embark on a quest to master the breeding grounds and conquer the formidable dungeons that lie ahead in Palworld!

Chapter 2: Pal Breeding Brilliance and Dungeon Delving Delights

2.1 Unlocking the Secrets of Pal Breeding

Pal Breeding is not just a feature; it’s an art form in Palworld. Once you’ve hit level 19 and unlocked the Breeding Farm, you’re ready to dive into the intricate world of creating new species. Combine Pals strategically, experiment with different combos, and witness the birth of Fusion Pals. With 24 known combos (and possibly more waiting to be discovered), the possibilities are endless. Stay tuned for our upcoming Pal Breeding guide for in-depth strategies!

2.2 Understanding the Basics

Breeding in Palworld introduces a layer of complexity that goes beyond the thrill of capturing creatures. It’s not just about catching them all; it’s about strategically combining Pals to optimize their stats, skills, and passive abilities. But how does one delve into the world of Pal breeding?

2.3 Essential Requirements

Before diving into the breeding process, ensure you have the following:

  1. Breeding Farm: Unlock this facility at Level 19, requiring 100 Wood, 50 Fiber, and 20 Stone for construction. The Breeding Farm is a substantial structure, so make sure you have ample space in your base.
  2. Cake: A vital component in the breeding process, a Cake is a complex recipe. Acquiring this treat is crucial, and we’ll guide you on how to obtain it.
  3. Pair of Pals: Select a male and a female Pal for breeding. The compatibility and species of the parents play a significant role in determining the outcome.

2.4 Initiating the Breeding Process

Once you’ve gathered the prerequisites, it’s time to initiate the breeding process. Follow these steps:

  1. Placement: Deploy the chosen pair of Pals to your base.
  2. Breeding Farm Interaction: Manually lift and throw the selected Pals into the Breeding Farm. Assign them the ‘breeding’ task.
  3. Cake Consumption: As the compatible Pals reside in the Breeding Farm, a gauge will gradually fill up. Upon reaching full capacity, the pair will consume a Cake from the box in front of the Breeding Farm.
  4. Egg Production: After completing the process, an egg will appear in the center of the farm, signifying a successful breeding cycle.

Mastering Pal Breeding Strategies

2.5 Breeding Mechanics Unveiled

Pal breeding in Palworld follows specific rules that determine the outcome of the process. Here are the key mechanics to keep in mind:

  1. Same Species, Same Offspring: If the parents belong to the same species, the offspring will inherit the species of the parents. This is a straightforward rule that ensures continuity within a specific Pal lineage.
  2. Differing Species, Unique Offspring: When the parents are of different species, the offspring will be a new species in the majority of cases. The game calculates the average ‘strength’ level of the parents, and the resulting Pal species will have the closest ‘strength’ level to this average.
  3. Strength Levels and Offspring: Each Pal species is assigned a numerical ‘strength’ level. During breeding, the offspring’s species is determined by the parents’ ‘strength’ levels. For instance, breeding a strong Pal with a weak Pal may result in an offspring with a species whose strength level is in between.

2.6 Breeding Combinations Beyond the Rules

While the general rules apply to most breeding pairs, there are exceptional combinations that defy the strength level rule. These unique pairings open up possibilities for obtaining various Pals without adhering strictly to parental strength.

Pal Breeding Combinations

Certain combinations result in offspring that don’t follow the strength level rule. Exploring these pairings can yield diverse and unique Pals, providing breeders with creative opportunities to shape their Pal collection.

2.7 Leveraging Passive Skills

Beyond the genetic traits, Pals also pass down their passive skills through breeding. This knowledge allows you to strategically breed Pals with desirable skills, creating formidable fighters and efficient workers for your base.

Maximizing Passive Skills

Understanding the intricacies of passive skill inheritance enables you to craft Pals tailored to your specific needs. Whether it’s combat prowess or resource gathering efficiency, Pal breeding is a tool for honing the skills of your companions.

2.8 Unveiling Unique Breeding Combinations

Exploring Pal breeding beyond the conventional rules unveils unique combinations that add depth to your strategy. These combinations provide an avenue for obtaining Pals that stand out from the standard breeding outcomes.

BlazehowlBlazehowl x Felbat
BroncherryBroncherry x Fuack
DinossomDinossom x Rayhound
EikthyrdeerEikthyrdeer x Hangyu
ElphidranElphidran x Surfent
FalerisAnubis x Vanwyrm
FrostallionFrostallion x Helzephyr
GobfinGobfin x Rooby
GrizzboltMossanda x Rayhound
HangyuHangyu x Swee
IncineramIncineram x Maraith
JolthogJolthogx Pengullet
KingpacaKingpaca x Reindrix
LeezpunkLeezpunk x Flambelle
MossandaMossanda x Petallia
LyleenLyleen x Menasting
MammorestMammorest x Wumpo
MauMau x Pengullet
MossandaMossanda x Grizzbolt
GrizzboltGrizzbolt x Relaxaurus
KatressKatress x Pyrin
RelaxaurusRelaxaurus x Sparkit
FoxcicleFoxcicle x Reptyro
FuddlerFuddler x Robinquill
AstegonAstegon x Kitsun
DumudDumud x Surfent
JormuntideJormuntide x Suzaku
FoxcicleFoxcicle x Vanwyrm

As you continue your journey through Palworld, experiment with breeding combinations, hone your strategies, and discover the vast array of Pals waiting to be bred. Stay tuned for our next installment, where we’ll unravel the wonders of dungeon delving and the treasures that await brave Pal trainers!:

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  1. […] 2. How to breed PALS? Secrets for PALWORLD Domination! […]

  2. […] 2. How to breed PALS? Secrets for PALWORLD Domination! […]


  1. […] 2. How to breed PALS? Secrets for PALWORLD Domination! […]

  2. […] 2. How to breed PALS? Secrets for PALWORLD Domination! […]

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