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Captivating 'Nine Sols' game artwork, showcasing the hand-drawn character design against a fantastical backdrop, featured on Digital Duds for gamers and art enthusiasts.

‘Nine Sols’ A Slice of Hand-Drawn Heaven

Get your gaming gauntlets ready for ‘Nine Sols,’ the newest slash-and-dash extravaganza from Red Candle Games, hitting our screens on May 29. It’s time to draw your swords and dive into a world where Eastern mythology meets cyberpunk swagger, all wrapped up in a hand-drawn package that promises action, mystique, and a touch of Taoist flair. Let’s leap into what’s set to be the next big thing in our gaming universe!

Hey Digital Duds crew! If you’re ready for a feast of eye-popping, hand-drawn action, you’ll want to circle May 29th on your calendars. “Nine Sols,” the latest brainchild from the twisted geniuses at Red Candle Games (yeah, those wizards behind “Detention” and “Devotion”), is promising to slash its way into our hearts and Steam libraries.

Now, before you start sharpening your blades, let’s chat about what makes “Nine Sols” the talk of the town. Picture this: a blend of Sekiro’s edge-of-your-seat deflection combat with the explorative twists of a Metroidvania, all set in a world that’s a tantalizing cocktail of cyberpunk, Eastern mythology, and Taoism. Intrigued? You betcha!

Our protagonist, Yi, is a feline-esque warrior with a penchant for waking up from long catnaps and a burning desire for some good old-fashioned vengeance. We’re talking about a mission to take down nine god-like beings, folks. And get this: the combat’s so fresh, you’ll feel like you’re parrying and slashing through butter.

But what’s the buzz around the watercooler? Well, Red Candle Games has a knack for delivering the unexpected. While we’ve got no confirmed platforms just yet (we’re in that awkward console generation limbo), the crowdfunded passion project is already 81% funded, and that’s something to meow about!

In classic Red Candle style, they’re diving deep into storytelling and have cooked up a “Taopunk” world that’s as stylish as it is mysterious. Expect a feast for the senses with dark electronic tunes twined with Eastern instruments that’ll have you bobbing your head as you play.

It’s not just a game; it’s a craft of love more than two years in the making. And Red Candle? They’re not just in it for the zenny. They’re craving your feedback, hunting for what makes you tick as gamers. They’re committed to bringing “Nine Sols” to life, come hell or high water.

So, let’s hear it, fellow Duds: are you ready to don your virtual cloaks and step into a world that promises to be as enthralling as it is beautiful? Drop your thoughts, your hopes, and maybe even your fears in the comments. Are you excited about the deflection-focused combat or the storytelling potential? Join the convo and, if you haven’t yet, hop into our Digital Duds community spaces to keep this chat rolling.

Until our next escapade, keep your senses sharp, your reflexes ready, and as always – game on!


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