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‘PERSONA 3 RELOAD’ Trophy List Revealed

As the release of Persona 3 Reload approaches, the hype train is chugging along, fueled by a tantalizing glimpse into the game’s trophy list that recently surfaced online. Prepare for an adventure filled with Shadows, Personas, and the quest for shiny digital accolades.

Persona 3 Reload promises not just a visual overhaul of the 2006 classic but a reimagined gaming experience. The trophy list, a staple of modern gaming, offers a roadmap for players seeking to conquer every facet of the game. So, what can we glean from this treasure trove of achievements? Let’s dive into the details.

49 Trophies to Rule Them

Persona 3 Reload’s trophy list boasts a total of 49 trophies, a careful concoction of one Platinum, three Golds, seven Silvers, and a whopping 38 Bronzes. It’s a meticulous blend that hints at a well-balanced mix of challenges, story progression, and the mastery of new mechanics.

This tally may sound familiar to Persona aficionados, resembling the structure of the Persona 3 Portable remaster’s trophy list. However, Reload introduces 13 additional trophies into the mix, elevating the complexity and variety of tasks that players can undertake.

Story-Related Triumphs

As with any RPG worth its salt, Persona 3 Reload intertwines its trophy list with the narrative arc. Players will navigate through an array of story-related trophies, each tied to pivotal moments in the game. Defeating Shadow bosses, sealing Nyx, and achieving the good ending are just a glimpse of the hero’s journey that awaits.

Notably, compared to its predecessor Persona 3 Portable, Reload streamlines the process for obtaining story-related trophies. A single playthrough is now sufficient to clinch the coveted Gold trophy, a divergence from the dual-playthrough requirement in Persona 3 Portable. The stage is set for a more accessible yet equally immersive storytelling experience.

Persona Fusion Galore

A core element of the Persona series, fusion, takes center stage in the trophy list. Achievements like “Awakened Power” (obtaining Orpheus), “A Newfound Strength” (awakening all teammates’ ultimate Personas), and “Fusion Artisan” (performing a fusion with three or more Personas) showcase the importance of mastering the art of fusion.

The trophies emphasize not just the quantity but the strategic deployment of Personas, introducing a layer of depth for players who relish the intricacies of the Persona system.

Navigating Relationships and Daily Life

True to the Persona spirit, the trophy list intertwines with the social aspects of the game. “Top of the Class” (acing an exam), “A Legacy of Friendships” (maxing out all Social Links), and “Dorm Life” (spending an evening in the dorm with a teammate) shed light on the diverse range of activities players can engage in beyond battling Shadows.

Reload encourages players to immerse themselves in the everyday lives of the characters, forging bonds and experiencing the nuances of the game’s world.

CategoryTrophy NameDescription
Story-Related TriumphsA Most Remarkable Guest (Platinum)Acquire all trophies.
Awakened Power (Bronze)Obtain Orpheus.
SEES the Day (Bronze)Join the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad.
Back on Track (Bronze)Defeat the Princess.
Empowered Protector (Bronze)Defeat the Empress and Emperor.
Never Toy with Matters of the Heart (Bronze)Defeat the Hierophant and the Lovers.
Armor Disarmed (Bronze)Defeat the Chariot and Justice.
Dodging Lightning (Bronze)Defeat the Hermit.
Twist of Fate (Bronze)Defeat Fortune and Strength.
A Sense of Finality (Bronze)Defeat the Hanged Man.
The Great Seal (Bronze)Seal Nyx.
From Shadows into Light (Silver)Watch the good ending.
The Fool’s Journey (Bronze)Obtain 10 Major Arcana during Shuffle Time.
Distinguished Visitor (Silver)Invite Elizabeth to your room.
Top of the Class (Silver)Ace an exam.
A Legacy of Friendships (Gold)Max out all Social Links.
People Person (Bronze)Unlock all Social Links.
That Special Someone (Silver)Nurture a romance.
Unbreakable Link (Silver)Max out one Social Link.
A Newfound Strength (Bronze)Awaken all teammates’ ultimate Personas.
The Power of Choice (Bronze)Obtain 10 Personas during Shuffle Time.
Battlefront: Combat ChallengesDodging Lightning (Bronze)Defeat the Hermit.
The Thrill of the Hunt (Bronze)Defeat a rare, golden enemy.
Reaper Reaped (Gold)Defeat the Reaper.
All-Out Attacks and TheurgyThere’s No ‘I’ in ‘Team (Bronze)Perform a Shift.
The Strength of Our Hearts (Silver)Use all teammates’ Theurgy.
Making the Dream Work (Bronze)Perform 50 All-Out Attacks.
Exploration and DiscoveryGlimpse of the Depths (Bronze)Discover and conquer 10 Monad doors.
Briefcase Burglar (Bronze)Open 50 treasure chests.
Eagle Eye (Bronze)Acquire every Twilight Fragment in town.
Daily Life and ExtracurricularsThe Grindset Mindset (Bronze)Earn 50,000 yen total from part-time jobs.
In High Demand (Bronze)Accept an invitation to hang out five times.
Gourmand (Bronze)Order from a secret menu at the Iwatodai strip mall at night.
Beyond the Shadows: Fusion and MoreThe First of Many (Bronze)Perform a Dyad Fusion.
Birthday Present (Bronze)Obtain an item from a Persona Conception.
Path to Salvation (Gold)Fuse Messiah.
DLC Delights: Persona 3 Reload’s FlairPersona 3 Reload Costume Pack DLCCostumes from Persona 5 Royal and Persona 4 Golden.
Persona 3 Reload Background Music DLCSix tracks from Persona 5 Royal.
Persona 3 Reload Summonable Persona DLCSummonable Personas from Persona 5 Royal and Persona 4 Golden.

DLC Dilemma: To Purchase or Pass?

As the trophy list unveils itself, so does the information about day-one DLC. Persona 3 Reload offers additional content in the form of costumes, background music, and summonable Personas. While DLC can be a divisive topic, with some players embracing the opportunity to enhance their experience and others viewing it as a cash grab, the decision ultimately lies with individual preferences.

The DLC, drawing inspiration from Persona 5 Royal and Persona 4 Golden, adds a dash of flair to the gameplay, allowing players to customize their characters and immerse themselves in familiar tunes from the Persona universe.

A Trophy Hunter’s Odyssey

As Persona 3 Reload beckons us into its remastered realm, the trophy list acts as a tantalizing preview of the challenges and triumphs awaiting players. From unraveling the mysteries of Tartarus to nurturing relationships in the dorm, each trophy contributes to the rich tapestry of the Persona experience.

In the second part of our exploration, we’ll delve deeper into the specifics of the trophy list, offering insights, tips, and a closer look at the intricacies that make Persona 3 Reload a must-play for both veterans and newcomers. So, grab your Evokers, sharpen your wits, and get ready for a journey that transcends time and reality in Persona 3 Reload!

🧨 Embarking on a Hunter’s Odyssey:

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