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New Cycle Launches a Dieselpunk Utopia (or Dystopia) in Early Access Today!

Embark on a post-apocalyptic city-building journey as New Cycle, the revolutionary Dieselpunk-infused game, launches into early access on Steam. Shape the destiny of a shattered world, navigate environmental challenges, and build your metropolis from the ruins of civilization. The choice between utopia and dystopia is yours – the Dieselpunk wonderland awaits your visionary touch!

Hey fellow gamers and city-builders! Exciting news — Core Engage and Daedalic Entertainment just dropped the bomb that they’re blending the city-building genre with Dieselpunk sci-fi vibes in their new game, New Cycle. Guess what? The game goes into early access today (January 18th) which means the game is not fully finished yet but we are lucky enough to able to enjoy this Dieselpunk wonderland already.

The game is set in a world after a solar flare causes the complete collapse of civilization resulting in most of the human population dying off. It is your job to help restart civilization by growing your tiny little settlement into an expansive Dieselpunk metropolis. This world is harsh and the people of this world are in desperate need of a safe haven. It is your duty to provide them with a hopeful future and help them not just survive, but also thrive.

The game will have you advance from a simple hunter-gatherer society to full blown industrialization. From the very beginning you will have to erect supply chains in order meet the needs of your citizens while simultaneously researching lost technologies from before the collapse of civilization. This must be done while carefully managing your resources because the game features changing environmental conditions such as changing seasons and draughts which will force you to think ahead and manage your resources accordingly.

Infrastructure also plays a big role because where exactly you place buildings will make a difference in the efficiency of production. Doing this in the most efficient way will be quite the task because there will be over 50 building types in the game. 
You will be able to build the roads in whatever shape you want and as you discover new technologies and resources you will be able to use more advanced infrastructure such as conveyer belts. Even if you perfectly manage the resources in your cities vicinity, after some time you will need to get resources that are not readily available.

That’s when trains will become useful as you can use them to get resources from faraway places which result in and advanced train rail network in order to accommodate your supply chains.

Managing your citizens closely will have a big impact because their needs will only grow as you city advances. Not meeting these needs will reduce morale and your citizens will make their discontent known with unrest and potential uprisings. Making sure everyone’s needs are met and doing specific tasks for citizens will help keep morale up but in the end it’s up to you what kind of society you want to create.

Do you want a happy utopian society where people have rights and freedoms but produce significantly less? Or do you want a society of slaves operating at peak production? The choice is yours.

 As stated before the game is still in its infancy and is still very much being worked on.

The early access release is purely to get player feedback without making changes to the game during the early access period. The game is currently scheduled to stay in early access for 1-2 years which will give us plenty of time to explore this post-apocalyptic world. So if helping to perfect the ultimate Dieselpunk city builder experience is for you, then get ready to jump in on the Early access of New cycle today!

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